A Network of Partners to Carry Out Your Projects

For over 15 years, we have been maintaining close relationships with a majority of the biggest players of IT Software integration and publishing, both in France and worldwide.
Each of our company’s partners has a specialty, an expertise in a specific industrial and/or technological field.

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Integrating partners


The integrator is the client’s main interlocutor for the production
monitoring application set-up project.
Each of our integrating partners has undergone a training course with our company. We ensure their skill’s improvement and we support and coach them for the implementation of their first Qubes projects.

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Become a partner of the Qubes solution


You’re an integrator of IT solutions and you wish to enrich your offer with a leading software on the MES and connected factory markets?

Join our expert-partner network

Partenaires technologiques de Qubes par Creative-IT

You are regularly intervening on industrial information systems and your clients are requesting new solutions for their factories digital transformation?


Contact us! We will update you on the latest cutting edge technologies and will invite you to our events. We can also provide you with operational answers to your clients’ requests.

Qubes, the key brick of an integrated information system

Qubes is the essential link between operators, equipment, and the central information system. It ensures communication with all ERP & PLM applications, and features all the functionalities of industrial performance needed in the shop floors.


Here are the four main reasons that led our customers to deploy Qubes in their shop floors:

Qubes can manage complex industrial processes:

  • Manufacturing orders (MO) monitoring: for example, a MO which splits into several MOs depending on production’s advancement (split), and which will generate rework sub-MOs to go back over non-compliant products (rework).
  • Acute traceability on complex physical flows: for example, batch tracking in a tank with a input of successive batch mixes; tracking the recycling of material from the previous MO into the current MO.
  • Quality controls with centralized control plan, control cards and creation of a batch record.

Performance calculation: OEE for machine performance monitoring, energy balance to identify consumptions per product.

Qubes connects to production and measurement equipments for direct data collection.

Qubes offers ergonomics suited to field users: touch screens, graphical and simplified user interfaces.