The Connected Factory’s Industrial Information System: Qubes Private Cloud

A Full Cloud Solution

The range of Qubes Private Cloud solutions offers a global IT architecture to easily connect all your factories. Production sites use an industrial device – Qubes i4 Cluster –, which provides highly available service to users, and is interfaced with production equipment, PLCs, bar-code printers and the central server (or data center).


Connect all your machines – on your every production sites – while monitoring production activities in real-time in a cost-effective way: that’s the power of Qubes.

  • Easy deployment

    Each factory is connected to the central server through Qubes i4 Cluster.
    No specific computer skills required: the cluster starts up automatically and our support service handles the rest.

  • Economical

    By implementing Qubes Private Cloud, you avoid investing in individual factory servers. Each plant only needs a local network and an Internet connection in order to link machines and users.

  • Simple and secure

    Private Cloud means that your production data can only be accessed from the factory’s local network.
    The information is stored in a secure datacenter with state of the art security best practices: multiple power supply, Internet connection redundancy, guaranteed latency, Single Sign-On.

  • A solution designed for international purposes

    Wherever your factories are located, a standard solution ensures the consistency of your information system.

Regarding cyber security

Qubes has been thoroughly tried and approved on the cyber security front: specific analysis, intrusion test by a certified company, which guarantee the application’s security.


And to be better equipped to face new cyber security risks related to the connected factory, we provide industrials with additional security services for their networks. They are fit to address the highest security requirements.

Solution testée sur le plan de la cybersécurité

An all-inclusive service package

Your factory benefits from our publisher’s expertise to ensure Cloud service continuity:

Monitoring service

Monthly reporting

Security updates

Remote maintenance

Optimization of application performance

Cluster replacement if required

With its 24/7 monitoring, Creative IT provides real-time follow up on your application’s dedicated infrastructure and thus, can anticipate any performance problem.

  • Fully customizable

    With Qubes, the Cloud offers as many features and customizations as the classic solution. The functional scope remains unchanged between Cloud mode and Classic mode. The same goes for new connected technological bricks of the Industries of the Future. From real-time data collection to workflow and manufacturing orders execution, everything is in the Cloud.

  • Pay as you go

    As for most Saas solutions on the market, you pay for Qubes Private Cloud when you use it. The monthly bill thus depends on the number of used modules, factories and users.
    Monthly reports provide you with an overview of your use. You can then revise your subscription upwards or downwards.

  • Full reversibility

    You can switch from a cloud contract to a classic contract at any time. You can also suspend your contract et retrieve all your data. Your old functionalities remain available in your company for three years.

Cloud, yes ! Customizable ? YES !

Every customization option featured in the classic Qubes package is also possible with Qubes Private Cloud: entry screens or workflows specific to your crafts can be easily added and maintained.

Take a step further with Qubes Private Cloud solutions and connect your subcontractors.


If you want to access real time information on subcontracted products, ask your supplier to set up Qubes Private Cloud and connect it to your own database.


Be agile thanks to Qubes Private Cloud.

Qubes i4