Connected Factory – Digital Continuity and Digital Transformation

Intelligent Factory – Industry 4.0 Starts Now


Industry 4.0 needs connected factories. Qubes enables you to rationalize exchanges between your production equipment, connected devices, operators and management data around a single monitoring system of production activities.

  • Exchanges with equipment

  • Field data and industrial Big Data collection

  • Digital Continuity

  • Secure production process

  • Data analysis

Connect your equipment

The Qubes solution provides an innovative solution to connect your machines: electrical contact, PLCs and supervisions easily interface with Qubes in order to provide real time feedback from your equipment.

Based on this data, Qubes supplies machine performance indicators – availability rate, non-compliance rate, OEE… – and guarantees the process full traceability (pace, machine programming…)

Une solution pour connecter vos équipements avec Qubes de Creative-IT

Convert your machine data into information

informations pertinentes sur vos machines par Qubes de Creative-IT

Production equipment supplies more and more real time data. But converting them into real information pertaining to businesses and processes proves much more complex. Is the data available at a given moment regarding a section of the production line relevant to a specific MO, a specific product?


Qubes enables you to model your industrial processes and machine data exchanges very acurately in order to make them understandable. Qubes collects this data to use it in added value functional modules: OEE, quality control, traceability, manufacturing file.

Digital Continuity

Qubes includes every protocol ensuring your data’s digital continuity. The solution integrates easily and simply into your information system thanks to:

ISO62264 interfaces for the management IT network (ERP, PLM,…),

IEC61512 interfaces for the supervision system,

Generic protocols such as web services, files exchange, TCP and OPC protocols are also available.

Choose a new generation of innovative software for your production information system :

Qubes automatically retrieves ERP and APS information and uses them for production purposes

Qubes provides additional support and operator guidance functionalities for production operations

Qubes supplies numerous real time indicators for performance monitoring and a full feedback on production data to the ERP or APS in order for you to improve your production schedules.

continuité numérique avec Qubes de Creative IT

Secure the production process

Sécurisez le process de production avec Qubes de Creative-IT

In order to meet your clients’ requirements and reduce time to market, it is essential to secure the data used by machines, to enable equipment to swap between them or to inform the operator in real-time regarding a modification on a part’s drawing.

Qubes enables you to manage all production equipment’s setting files easily, to signal a service as soon as supplying runs low, to forewarn another workshop that production is about to begin,…

Avoid equipment-setting mistakes with a perpetually up-to-date file

Enjoy full traceability of every equipment setting versions and modifications

Generate the electronic batch record for all production information

Data analysis and Big Data for continuous improvement

All data collected on the field by Qubes serve multiple ends: real time alerts on process deviations, SPC indicators, predictive maintenance or data archiving (either with Qubes or another software).


Towards Industrial Big Data


By aggregating every bit of data collected during production operations, Qubes enables you to design your own analyses: performance measures, quality controls, used machine settings.


Make your analyses more acute !

data mining analyse des données machine par Qubes de Creative-IT

Broaden your reflection and download the white paper: IoT, 3D printing, industrial Big Data: will all these technologies ever reach workshops?