Nexter Systems feedback – Launch industry 4.0 project with a digital visual management application

Discover the feedback of Nexter Systems company, who opted to regroup all his field application within a single software.

Project set up at Nexter Systems factories

In a year, Nexter Systems has computerized its workshops by placing the operator in the centre of this project, in two steps: visual management and digital continuity.


The digital visual management
Through a dynamical display in the workshops, the goals are to optimize the production/ logistic flows and to empower the operators in-line and the logistics operators.


The digital continuity
The MES application allows to simplify flows swaps between the different software of the information system, to remove the paper in the workshops but also to give again coherence to the documents and micro-applications disconnected until now of the global information system.

Intervention during the 9th French M.E.S. annual forum

Mr. Guillaume Valette – Nexter Systems (sector: Defense/Weapon)

To be rapidly operational and manage operationnal teams around an ergonomically and convivial tool, Nexter Systems has set up in 2014 a first application of visual management based on a MES software.
MES application has to become the basis of Tomorrow’s Factory, in order to insure digital continuity between the information system’s various applications, and to easily and gradually integrate connected devices.
Even if this reality seems remote, digital transformation is happening, and not only for big companies.