One of our experts in technical architecture shows you how to set up Qubes in all your factories.

How can the Qubes solution effectively address architecture and IT security issues in an industrial context?


Industrial companies are going through their digital transformation! This translates into strong technological evolution – robotics and production automation, integration of communicating objects, product customization – but also into an unprecedented extension of companies’ information systems.
Tomorrow, each production machine but also each finished product will potentially be a communicating device to connect.

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Discover Qubes various features designed for Industry 4.0

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Creative IT integrates the real-time data collected through production processes into its Augmented Reality Module Qubes AR. Process value, machine speed, quality rate, operating modes: User-relevant information is displayed on the mobile terminal.

Qubes i4 is an industrial device located within factories, whose role is to guarantee digital continuity between the company’s global information system and its production sites flows (functions of production monitoring, machine automation, connected devices)

To ensure M.E.S. application’s High Availability, Qubes i4 relies on:

Centralized computer architecture

An industrial system - Qubes i4 cluster

Real-time synchronization of factories data

An all-inclusive service package

The range of Qubes 4Cloud solutions offers a global IT architecture to easily connect all your factories. Production sites use an industrial device – Qubes i4 Cluster –, which provides highly available service to users, and is interfaced with production equipment, PLCs, bar-code printers and the central server (or data center).

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