Towards Industry 4.0



Industrial companies are going through their digital transformation! It results in a strong evolution of supply – integration of communicating objects, product customization, automation and robotization of production, new differentiating services – in an environment still constrained by responsiveness and cost control.


By integrating the technologies of the connected factory in the Qubes solution, we are able to support your enterprise’s digital transformation.

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Smart Manufacturing Software

Global Industrial Performance. Everywhere

Looking for a platform providing high availability of the most critical applications to your production sites?

Looking for a solution providing you with the digital continuity of your information system including your production equipments?

Your enterprise is getting ready to approach Industry 4.0 and your are searching for a connected solution?

Performance, availability, data centralization, and distant sites management… we provide cutting edge solutions to address the new challenges of your industrial activities.

  • Highly available application in factories

    - Guaranteed response time,
    - Data safety,
    - Independence from network failure
    - No local IT server

  • Distant site management

    - No need for dedicated internal resources or competences
    - Remote application and infrastructure monitoring
    - Real time reporting

  • Digital continuity of the information system

    Interconnection of the information system’s different layers for complete, consistent and thus exploitable data.

Qubes – industrial performance for your whole group

A multi-language solution

Numerous clients with international presence are already using Qubes. It is currently available in 12 languages, of which several are Asian (Chinese, Korean, Japanese…). It can also be quickly available in new languages useful to your project.

A corporate approach : the core model

Rather than letting each site or plant build its own information system, go for a global design :

Corporate logic integrating each factory’s distinctive features

Process harmonization between the various production sites based on the corporate industrial organization.

Simplification of the information system with a single software package for all factory requirements

Consistent global structure providing data consolidation and recording tools for each site and all sites worldwide.

Rapidité de mise en oeuvre de la solution MES

Qubes – the basis of your “Factory of the Future” project

Industry 4.0 needs connected factories. Qubes enables you to rationalize exchanges between your production equipment, connected devices, operators and management data around a single monitoring system of production activities.

  • Exchanges with equipment

    • Connect your equipment
      The data collection on production and measurement equipment is a major challenge for the information system of the industry of the future.

  • Data history & industrial Big Data

    • Select relevant information about your production equipment
      Are the data available at a time t on part of the line linked to a specific work order, a specific product?

  • Digital continuity

    • In addition to taking into account the different protocols, digital continuity requires an adequate semantics that allows communication between all elements of the information system

  • Secure production process

    • Cybersecurity of the industrial information system
      Creative IT has major assets – hardware & services – to guarantee the cybersecurity of the industrial information system.

  • Data analysis

    • Manufacturing Business Intelligence
      Build reliable plant performance indicators and measure the industrial performance of your production units.

THE TEST PROJECT: 1st step towards a quick deployment

Enrich and validate your Core model

Start with a test project on one production site to get feedback, verify your Core model and assess your return on investment.


Assess Industry 4.0 technologies

Measure the added value of the different tools (IoT, augmented reality, predictive maintenance…) for your own business.


Quickly deploy on all sites

Thanks to the modeling possibilities featured in Qubes, deploy quickly in your various factories a harmonized solution, suited to your different functions and technologies.