Horiba Group chooses Qubes MES software for its Japanese factories

The Qubes Application Conquering Japanese Market with HORIBA, Ltd.©

The HORIBA Group manufactures and sells automotive emission measurement systems, environmental measuring instruments, a wide range of scientific analyzers, medical diagnostic analyzers, and measuring equipment used in the semiconductor industry. HORIBA also manufactures and markets peripheral measuring and analysis devices. Moreover, the company equips such facilities as laboratories with measuring and analytical equipment for R&D, production and other applications.
Horiba Medical provides an extensive and comprehensive line og hematology, hemostatis and clinical chemistry solutions (including reagents) for in-vitro diagnostic usage. The HORIBA Medical brand has earned the trust of a wide customer base through the quality and reliability ot its products. Today, over 30,000 laboratories around the world use HORIBA MEdical solutions.


Proven quality and consistent performance have made HORIBA a trusted brand

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We live in a world of challenges and opportunities, both large and small. It is all about knowing how to identify, measure, analyze and prioritize these. This is HORIBA Group’s leitmotif. The HORIBA Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of measurement and analysis instruments. Industrial and public sectors, hospitals and laboratories all around the world rely on them for scientific solutions in the field of analyzers. HORIBA Group’s activities translate into significant improvements in every aspect of life, from the environment to healthcare, energy, production, research and beyond.

Behind the deployment of the Qubes solution

In 2013, HORIBA Medical (HORIBA ABX SAS), the French medical business segment of the Group, decided to computerize its production lines with an information system to automate and dematerialize electronic batch documents (DHR – Device History Record or manufacturing file), which were previously paperbased.
In 2019, following the successful launch at HORIBA Medical in France, its headquarters HORIBA, Ltd. decided to deploy the Qubes platform solution throughout its Japanese sites.

Building on this corporate philosophy, HORIBA, Ltd. selected the Qubes solution to further enhance product quality throughout its lifecycle.
The main features deployed for this ongoing project are:
– Documentation on the operator station;
– ERP interfaces;
– List of values / checklist;
– FDA-compliant 21 CFR part 11;
– Surveillance of selected parameters (SPC functions);
– Automatic connection to scales; and
– Improved traceability: bar-code label scanning and computerization of manual entries.

A new adventure in the medical devices industry is born for Creative IT and the Qubes software suite in an international context where professional procedures differ from European models. Qubes has successfully risen to this worldwide challenge, even down offering operator interfaces and administration operations in Japanese!

Horiba déploie la solution MES Qubes au Japon
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