An Application Connected to Process

Collecting data from production and measurement equipment is a major issue for information systems in the Factory of the Future: it leads to reduced input by operators, increased reliability of field data and improved reactivity… Beyond data collection on machines, including the various layers of software – ERP, PLM, M.E.S, SCADA – is also a challenge in order to achieve the agility required by the 4th industrial revolution.


Benefit from Creative IT’s experience on more than 200 projects, in all areas of activities regardless of the company’s size, and get concrete answers regarding your strategic issues relating to information systems.

  • Software interoperability

  • Connection to production equipment

  • Connection to measuring/marking equipment


Connexion_equipements par Qubes de Creative-IT

Factory information systems interfaces are no longer limited to the sole ERP scope: nowadays, the interface-matter also includes PLM, R&D, M.E.S and SCADA software.


Thanks to the numerous projects carried out for our customers, we provide you with technical solutions for an easy integration of Qubes into your information system.


We also work in close relationship with our fellow software publishers to maximize our solutions’ compatibility.



You can rely on our solid experience in allocating roles between PLM – ERP – M.E.S – Supervision to facilitate your information system’s consistency and efficiency.

A Qubes implementation methodology to ease its integration into the information system: responsibility of each system for the various technical data (range, time, classification, material, resources, pace…), synchronized evolutions…

Qubes interfaces with the existing information system thanks to its compatibility with the main technologies on the market (SQL, webservice…).

Qubes, a Business Intelligence tool: data consolidation ensures global traceability and multisite performance comparison.

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ERP, M.E.S and Supervision interfaces – a successful integration story: chosen architecture, data flow for technical information, data flow for Work Orders,…