High Availability of Factory Information System: Qubes i4

A new generation of software is coming with the digital transformation of industrial enterprises. Creative IT is fully positioned in the Industry 4.0 era by already providing operational solutions for connected factories.


The Factory of the Future won’t happen overnight, but step-by-step: let’s move forward together!


Qubes i4 is an industrial device located within factories, whose role is to guarantee digital continuity between the company’s global information system and its production sites flows (functions of production monitoring, machine automation, connected devices) : THE solution for high availability in the factories

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  • Production monitoring application (M.E.S.)

  • IT architecture

  • Dedicated services package

An application designed for production monitoring


200 clients are currently using our software in France and abroad. The range of Qubes solutions we offer provides our customers with multiple advantages regarding production monitoring:

A large functional scope designed to cover all needs with a single product

Preconfigured function modules for projects to be operational faster

Field-tested ergonomic screens

Simplified information system integration

High availability services by a real-time synchronization of factory data

Your Qubes application remains available and reliable, whatever the countries in which your production units are based and whatever the network quality.

Discover the possibilities opened by Qubes i4

One of our experts in technical architecture shows you how to set up Qubes in all your factories.

An industrial device within the factory, in sync with the central server

Hosted at your company’s headquarters or on your service provider’s premises, the Qubes suite features classic architecture using an application server and a database server.


For production sites, we provide an industrial device, which guarantees highly available service for operators, and is interfaced with production equipment, PLCs, bar-code printers and the central server.


  • Production sites retain complete autonomy in case of WAN outages


  • This architecture ensures digital continuity between the ERP and operations.
qubes i4 cluster creative-it
cluster qubes i4 creative-it

An all-inclusive services package

Creative IT remotely monitors the solution and the architecture, maintenans and optimizes software services within the framework of your project. We identify the sites requiring a Qubes i4 cluster: some of your production sites may function without clusters, while others will need one, depending on the production process’ criticality and on network quality.

Quick shipment & supply of replacement equipment in the event of a malfunction

Clusters monitoring & monthly reporting

Setup of factory / data center synchronization

Security updates & optimization of application performance

Remote maintenance