A New Change with the Industrial Internet of Things and Smart Tools

Connecting all devices to the factory information system

The Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) will reach factories in a different way than the end consumer market. Indeed, in a factory we won’t talk about millions of devices all over the world but about a great variety of manufacturing devices, which will start to communicate together. It will consist of tools and sensors but it will also be smart containers for WIP products or even communication between products themselves. The added value of IoT consists in connecting a lot of mobile devices to the factory information system. Qubes integrates the protocols needed to communicate with the different types of devices and it now includes new functionalities to manage all data coming from IoT devices.

  • Traceability & Connected tools

  • RFID technology

  • Concrete application

Traceability & connected tools in the factory


With Qubes, all tools used during manufacturing can be connected and their data acquired in real time will be used in all manufacturing operations. Qubes will check that the tool has the right specification for the operation, that it has been validated. Then the usage will be registered in the traceability history. Qubes then allows search  by usage date, workorder, user,…

traçabilité outils connectés Qubes Creative-IT

Take one step further and download the white paper: IoT, Big Data, 3D printing : will all these wonderful techs ever reach shop floors ?

RFID technology in the easiest way to connect tools

With a partner specialized in RFID technology, Qubes offers a complete hand tools tracking solution.  Specialized RFID drawers and cabinets ensure the storage of tools and the detection of the stored tools. Any authorized worker with an access card can pick tools which are automatically identified. At any time, the location of any tool is known and at the end of the work day, one can easily check if tools are missing since each drawer and each cabinet automatically check that all tools are back.

armoire RFID Qubes Creative-IT

Concrete application in the aerospace industry

Une application de Qubes dans l’industrie aéronautique avec Creative-IT

One the common use of such a system can be found within any company working in the aerospace industry and subject to Foreign Object Debris prevention regulation. In such an environment, it is necessary to ensure that no tool has been forgotten in a product such as an airplane engine. With such automated hand tool control, checking is quick and easy. The solution prevents any tool theft since an access card is needed to pick up a hand tool. The regular check of tool calibration is also much easier since all tools are located.


Besides hand tools management, this solution provides an efficient way to manage any valuable mobile asset such as expensive maintenance spare parts or raw material. With Qubes, it is possible to customize the solution to your own needs.