[White paper] Industry 4.0 – Industrial Internet of Things, 3D printers, Big Data : will all these wonderful new techs ever reach shop floors ?

Industrial Internet of Things, 3D printers, additive manufacturing, industrial Big Data,… As many words as challenges announced for the industrials.

What are the real impacts of the arrival of all these technologies in the industry? Answers in this white paper.


By delivering state of the art of the main technologies of the Industry of the Future, this white paper addresses the challenges related to the integration of these new technologies in production sites on different levels: economic , computer security, and agility change management.

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Through concrete examples and comments from Philippe Rinaudo, CEO of Creative IT (publisher of the Qubes solution), this white paper will answer all your questions to better understand the challenges of industry 4.0.

Industrial Internet of Things, 3D printers , Big Data : what are Industry 4.0 technologies ?

Real-time, Business Intelligence, reactivity : how industrialists can benefit from these new techs ?

Security, agility, lean management : what are the issues and the difficulties to set up a project Industry 4.0 ?

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