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Creative IT is a simplified joint-stock company that has been founded 20 years ago to develop innovative software solutions to improve manufacturing performance. Over the years it has always been committed to providing the highest quality level of industrial software with some advanced technological solutions. From the start, Creative IT aimed to manage all shop floor information in a new way, much easier to change and improve than traditional technology. Using a graphical workflow design to define all data processing in the factory, this new product, Qubes, allows users to easily adapt their information system to new objectives or constraints. Qubes was first installed for a customer in 1998.

Key figures

200 clients

500 equipped industrial sites

38 employees

Robust and scalable Industrial solutions

From these early days on, Creative IT has been continuously improving Qubes to include more and more functionalities for shop floor performance. From machine connections to work-order planning, through traceability and quality control, all functionalities needed in a shopfloor have been implemented in Qubes. Aware that our solution has to be deployed in the most demanding industrial environment, robustness has always been the main criterion for our technical choices. Bringing to market a robust, scalable industrial software that includes cutting-edge technologies, is the perpetual challenge that Creative IT chooses to address.

Choose the right partner to improve and handle your industrial performance

Expert of factory performance

With most of its managers having previous experience in industrial production or manufacturing consulting, Creative IT has always aspired to add more performance expertise in its software. More than just data management, Creative IT solutions offers a complete environment to the production staff but also all support services like quality control and maintenance. Given the amount of Industry 4.0 new technologies, it is often difficult to see which can really bring along useful functionalities. Thanks to its experts, Creative IT is able to define what makes sense for each industrial project and then provide the technical expertise to put it in production.

Long term customer commitment

Creative IT has always worked in a long-term partnership with its customers. Its highly scalable software, its constant technology improvements and its good understanding of customer requirements have allowed Creative IT to build strong and lasting relationships with its clients. Most of its early customers are still working with Qubes 15 years after its implementation. All the new Industry 4.0 technologies added in Qubes is a guarantee for the client that Qubes will answer all its needs for information processing in the factory, even those that stem from the current digital transformation.

Worldwide deployment

Creative IT has always thought that factory information system should be handled globally in a company. More than ten years ago, its software, Qubes, innovated with an advanced synchronization technique allowing to deploy a general configuration on every site and consolidate factories’ data worldwide. Very early on, Qubes was available in over twelve languages which allowed its customers to deploy it in many countries from the US to China or Europe. Now with Qubes  i4 technology, worldwide deployment has never been easier, even in countries with poor network infrastructure. With operations in France and partners in the main European countries, Creative IT is able to provide a unique service to international companies in order to deploy their Industry 4.0 projects worldwide.