Factory 4.0

Qubes, the MOM for industries in motion!

The factory of the future is the connected factory. With Qubes, you streamline exchanges between production equipment, tools (IoT), operators and management IT around a single system for monitoring production activities.

With Qubes MES software, factory 4.0 is now !

Qubes 4Cloud

The strength of the Qubes 4Cloud solution lies in its ability to monitor your production activities in real time, with a controlled investmentc.

Augmented reality

A new way of formatting production data: process data, machine rates, quality rates, operating procedures; the information relevant to the user is displayed on the mobile terminal.

Big Data industriel

Pack Manufacturing Data Acquisition for Big Data
A software and hardware solution for data acquisition on your production lines for Big Data. A fast deployment, a scalable solution.

High availability of the information system

Creative IT is fully positioned in the Industry of the Future era, already offering operational solutions for connected factories.

Qubes i4 is an industrial device located in the factory and whose role is to ensure the digital continuity between the global Information System of the company and the flows of the production sites (production monitoring functions, machine automatons, connected objects): THE high availability solution.

Qubes i4

  • High availability through real-time synchronization of plant data
  • An application designed for production monitoring
  • An industrial device in the plant synchronized to the central server

Master the digital continuity

How to connect the factory of the future to the information system?


Industrial companies are carrying out their digital transformation. This is reflected in a strong technological evolution – automation and robotization of production, integration of
objects, product customization – but also by an unprecedented extension of the company’s
of the company’s information system. Each production machine and each finished product is potentially a communicating object to be connected.

In addition to taking into account the different protocols, digital continuity requires adequate semantics that allow communication between all the elements of the information system :

  • How can high-level ERP information be transformed into understandable elements for a machine without operator intervention ?
  • How can high-level ERP information be transformed into understandable elements for a machine without operator intervention ?
  • How to integrate all the machines and connected objects and make the information system capable of correctly interpreting the data ?

Organize your information system for the new challenges of the connected factory. New options for structuring your information system are available to you with the many possibilities of Qubes. The distribution of responsibilities between ERP, PLM, MES and SCADA becomes possible for an information system capable of facing the new challenges of the Factory of the Future.

Interoperable solution and connected processes

Collecting data on production and measurement equipment is a major challenge for the information system of the industry of the future: reducing operator data entry, making field data more reliable, improving reactivity, etc. In addition to the data collected on the machines, it is necessary to deal with the problem of integrating the various software layers in order to obtain the necessary agility.

Creative IT brings you the benefit of its experience in all types of industries and all sizes of companies in order to provide you with concrete answers on strategic information system issues. We bring you the technical solutions to easily integrate Qubes and contribute to the performance, durability and coherence of your information system.

With Qubes, technologies such as webservices, SQL connections, ISO 62264 standard implementations are directly available to set up the connection with ERP, PLM, SCM, APS software bricks. In addition, Qubes offers a wide range of communication technologies with supervisors, PLCs and equipment, via native PLC protocols, OPC, measurement equipment drivers (native scale protocols, etc.).

Connection to production equipment

Whatever your production equipment, whether it is PLC or not, whether it is new or not, Creative IT will provide you with a solution for data acquisition.

  • With an OPC server
  • With a PLC accessible on the Ethernet network
  • With an associated PC and a supervision software providing an interface
  • With an acquisition box

Connection to measuring / marking equipment

Qubes offers several possibilities for data acquisition on measuring equipment :

  • Connectable in serial port or Ethernet : scale, checkweigher, metal detector, temperature probe
  • With an associated PC and a software providing an interface by exchange file: sample analyzer, three-dimensional, electronic test bench,…
  • Interfaces with a third party system

Secure the production process

To respect the standards of your sector, to satisfy the requirements of your customers and to reduce the time to market, it is necessary to secure the data used by the machines, to allow the equipment to exchange between them, to inform the operator in real time of the modification of a plan…

The Qubes solution allows you to easily manage all the configuration files of your production equipment, to alert a department as soon as supplies are insufficient, to warn another workshop of the start of production…

  • Avoid errors in the configuration of your equipment with a file that is always up to date.
  • Benefit from a total traceability of all versions and configuration modifications of your équipements.
  • Generate the electronic batch file of all production of all production information.

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White Paper – Factory 4.0

IoT, 3D printing, industrial Big Data: will all these new technologies reach the workshops?

  • Discover the main technologies of the Industry of the Future and their concrete applications
  • Evaluate if these technologies are adapted to your company
  • Estimate the advantages and difficulties of implementation
  • Study the different steps you could take

By providing an overview of the market for the main technologies of Factory 4.0, this white paper addresses the challenges related to the integration of these new technologies within production sites on various levels: economic, IT security, agility and change management.