Augmented reality, a new form of workshop data

Technical focus

Augmented reality and virtual reality at the service of field teams

Augmented reality is the superimposition of reality and elements (documents, 2D or 3D images, videos, etc.) calculated by a computer system in real time.

There are many examples of industrial applications: access to real-time information on a very large production line, maintenance of large equipment (aircraft, reactor, heat exchanger)

Virtual reality refers to a computer technology that simulates the physical presence of a user in an artificially generated environment by software (digital twin), an environment with which the user can interact.

Here too, there is no shortage of examples of industrial applications: remote maintenance of production equipment, supervision of the
of a component of a production equipment.

Qubes AR (Augmented Reality) – new applications for production and maintenance

Creative IT integrates real-time data collected from production processes into its augmented reality module.

Process data, machine speeds, quality rates, operating procedures: information relevant to the user is displayed on the mobile terminal.

Equipped with an industrial tablet with the Qubes AR module, your technicians can interact with it to :

Consult in real time

all process parameters (flow, temperature, quantity,…) of the production lines

Get instant access

the operating mode of the equipment

Have an exploded view

of an equipment to facilitate its maintenance

Have visual alerts and a progress report

on the critical points to be controlled on a line or an equipment

Qubes VR (Virtual Reality) – a collaborative tool to improve maintenance

Based on the Nucleus VR virtual reality environment, Creative IT proposes the virtual reality + augmented reality interface.
The expert – at a distance – can precisely indicate on his 3D representation the points to be checked by the operator who will see them displayed on his tablet positioned in front of the equipment.

A richer operator/expert interaction that multiplies the possibilities of remote maintenance on complex equipment.

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