Qubes 4Cloud

Technical focus

The industrial information system of the connected factory

A fully cloud-based solution

The Qubes 4Cloud suite of solutions provides a global IT architecture to easily connect all of your plants. Production sites use an industrial device – Qubes i4 Cluster – that provides high availability service to operators and is interfaced to production equipment, PLCs, barcode printers and the central server (or datacenter).

A fully private cloud solution

Qubes Private Cloud means that your production data is only accessible from the local factory network.
This data is stored in a secure datacenter that complies with all the best practices in terms of security: multiple power supplies, redundant Internet connection, guaranteed latency, Single Sign-On.

Connecting all your machines – on all your production sites – by ensuring real-time monitoring of production activities, without any significant investment: this is the strength of the Qubes solution.

[FOCUS] Is production monitoring in the Cloud possible?

Manufacturing Execution System (MES) solutions – designed to track production activities – are taking the hardware infrastructure and production tracking software to the next level.

About cyber security

The Qubes solution has been tested and approved for cyber security – specific analysis, penetration testing by a certified company – which guarantees security at the application level.

To address the new cyber security risks generated by the connected factory, we also offer manufacturers additional security services for their networks. These services meet the most stringent security requirements.

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