Qubes – a modular functional perimeter to build step by step an industrial information system

Whatever your business, your processes, your constraints, your locations, we have a solution to boost your industrial information system

A solution tailored to your needs

  • With one and the same software package to cover your needs
  • At your own pace : by selecting the essential modules for starting your project
  • Depending on your strategy : by choosing your deployment model: covering a wide perimeter on a plant (eg WO tracking, traceability) then deploying it on other sites or covering a smaller area on all sites (eg WO tracking) and then chain on a second perimeter (eg OEE) then a third (eg traceability)

A modular solution for building your industrial information system step-by-step

Quality Controls

In-process controls, Laboratory quality controls, Statistical Process Control (SPC)

Work Order Tracking

Work Order (WO) tracking, Weighing unit, Material & process traceability, Scheduling, Online documentation for operators

Process Control

Process data history by Work Order, Batch, SCADA interfaces


Materials balance, Overall Equipement Effectiveness (OEE), Energy balance, Workforce performance


Factory streams monitoring, Goods receipt, Processing of customer orders

Equipment Asset Management

Metrology, CMMS

Quality Management

Quality and production documentation management, Quality process, Authorizations, Electronic Batch Record (EBR)

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Production Tracking Module - Work Order TrackingProduction Tracking Module - TraceabilityProduction Tracking Module - Technical DataProduction Tracking Module - SchedulingProduction Tracking Module - Weighing unitPerformance Module - Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)Performance Module - Time Attendance System (Workforce performance)Logistics Module - Plant logisticsEquipement Asset Management Module - CMMSEquipement Asset Management ModuleQuality Management Module - Electronic Batch Record (EBR)Quality Management Module - EDM & process managementQuality Controls Module - Statistical Process Control (SPC)Quality Controls Module - Laboratory Inventory Management System (LIMS)

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