Rapidité de mise en oeuvre de la solution MES

Ready-to-use solution

Jump-start with the ready-to-use module of the Qubes eXpress rangee

Qubes eXpress is a packaged software designed especially for small & medium industrial companies

We have selected only M.E.S’ essential functions: follow up of MOs in the workshop, OEE, on line quality control, factory logistics.

We set them up according to industrial companies’ best practices.

With our methodology and support, you can start them up simply and be fully operational in less than 3 months.

We have also selected the appropriate industrial material: workshop operator station, industrial mobile terminals, machine data collection box.

Quick and measurable improvement of your industrial performance

An unbeatable price/quality ratio for a fast return on investment (R.O.I).

Instant gains on productivity and first dashboards from the 1st month of deployment.

A secure start-up: no time-loss, no uselessly complex approach, let’s get down to basics to drive your company forward.

roi projet qubes creative-it
méthodologie qubes creative-it

Tried & tested methodology

First on-site intervention to structure the project0%
One month to give you time to set up the material and prepare your technical data0%
Second on-site intervention to start the pilot line0%
A couple of weeks to monitor the commissioning0%
One last on-site intervention for full deployment on all lines0%

Ergonomics suited for workshops

Qubes eXpress - indicateurs de performance temps réel

Dashboards produced by field-collected data

exemple d’écran opérateur de suivi d’opération qubes creative-it

Operator’s operation monitoring screen

  • Qubes eXpress
    Work Order Management

    • Real-time vision for each MO – Advances/ delays
    • Reliable information from workshops
    • Deviations from time ranges
    • Ergonomics for operators

  • Qubes eXpress

    • Robust architecture
    • Easy connection to equipment
    • Real time performance indicators
    • M.E.S initiation through a visual management application

  • Qubes eXpress
    Quality Controls

    • Management and execution of quality controls
    • Improved quality for the product delivered to your clients
    • Reliable on line quality control
    • Centralized control plan management