Improve the Industrial Performance of your Production Units

Build reliable factory performance indicators with the Performance module

Improving the industrial performance of one’s company means identifying all losses on every major cost item.

  • Material Performance

  • Machine Performance

  • Labour Performance

  • Energy Performance

Nowadays, two ways of approaching industrial performance co-exist:


The cost approach

Regarding each of the main items – material, labour, machine and energy – Qubes will provide an acute analysis of losses through the collection of automatic data on the industrial process.

Too many global and delayed indicators prove poorly exploitable by operational teams. With our software, production managers will have precise information at their disposal, in real time and directly connected to the process, paving the way for improvement measures.


The controlled process approach

For complex and technological processes, Qubes will provide exhaustiveness of process data (quality control, machine settings, traceability,…) with deviation detection tools (SPC,…). This represents a key asset for the teams in charge of process stability, default rates reduction and product improvement.

Monitor and save up material

Suivi et contrôle des pesées matières en production qubes creative-it

Qubes helps you realize your material assessment quickly and accurately by computerizing all recordings related to material flows.

The more expansive the material, the more crucial is is to have precise knowledge of your consumption and potential gains.

Improve machine performance

The goal is to set standardized indicators (OEE, …) and to identify deviations to find potential improvement levers on machinery.

Our solution provides all the functionalities to calculate OEE – resources, schedule, entries regarding the cause of machine shutdown and real time OEE chart… – and tools for extensive analysis of machine losses.

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Vue des performances machines en temps réel qubes creative-it

Real time vision of machine performance

One of our experts can demonstrate how Qubes helps you identify levers to boost your industrial performance.

Déclaration des temps opérateurs qubes creative-it

Declaration of operators’ time

Identify labour-related production efficiencies

Record operators’ and line conductors’ actions and get reliable information on productive and unproductive time.

Time entry within scope of MO and outside MO

Supervision of team manager correction

Reconciliation with badging

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Analyze the energy performance of your production lines

Industrial performance also depends on energy consumption management. With real time indicators, you could train your teams in the “economical management” of production lines.

performance energie Qubes