Take your Visual Management to the Digital Age

New tools for visual management

Visual management has become a key ingredient in shop floor’s facilitation and industrial performance improvement. New technologies are providing new solutions to increase these systems’ reactivity and greatly simplify their update. It opens the way to new uses for even more performance.


With the decreasing cost of large screens, it is now entirely conceivable to set one of them up in shop floors, whether at the entrance of production islands to visualize a schedule refreshed in real-time or in display areas to communicate on indicators.

  • Andon System

    Instant visibility of production problems for immediate action

  • Real-time collaboration

    Tool promoting collaborative work in shop floors in an easy and swift manner

  • Instant performance

    Formalizing data intelligently, for a synthetic overview of real-time performance.

  • Team management

    Discussing operational performance and initiating improvement actions

New generation Andon system

The classic Andon system enables an operator to trigger an alert through a button-box, thus lightning a bright flash to alert management in the event of a problem. With digital technologies, the operator can make the call directly from a touch screen on a desktop PC, from a tablet or a mobile device.

The operator has more opportunities to target his call: team leader, quality or logistics. Alerts are displayed on large screens in the shop floor for all stakeholders to see. Besides this system allows for a better tracking of the number of calls and the time it took to address them.


Real-time communication in shop floors for efficient collaboration

écran de management visuel en atelier

Communication in shop floors is often problematic due to the number of players, distances within the factory, mobile staff, production constraints (cleanliness, temperature…), which can all lead to partition shop floors.

Digital technologies provide direct operational responses:

By using the various terminals suited to each individual use (Pocket PC or tablet for mobile staff, desktop touch screen PC, large supervision, planning or alert screens)

By allowing each staffer to provide real-time information (instructions, production advancement, calls to the support service, alerts…

By automatically integrating machine data

By granting much more visibility regarding the shop floor’s situation.

Thanks to these technologies, collaboration becomes more efficient, and shop floors shift to a more collaborative performance-oriented management model.

Discover the feedback of our customer Nexter Systems, who opted to regroup all his field application within a single software.

Step #1: visual management

Step #2: Computerization of production operations

Performance indicators and team management

The workload and the time needed to get indicators is the main limiting factor in the development of visual management.
Who has never seen billboards in factories with weekly indicators that have not been updated for two weeks?
Daily update rates are often elusive with traditional medias (paper and Excel). This makes performance analysis with operators both inefficient and poorly mobilizing, given the data’s age. With real-time indicators, available as time passes, instant performance can be analyzed and the team’s performance is visible as soon as the shift’s end. Management can highlight performance evolution and encountered problems in an interactive way, as well as initiate improvement actions.

Visual, a Lean weapon

Qubes enables you to build your digital visual management application in a way that allows users to interact simply with the information system and to benefit from a feedback suited to their needs. It provides an overview of alerts and actions for improved responsiveness and communication in shop floors.


Involving operators as much as management, visual management is a continuous improvement tool for developing collaborative work and team motivation..

Real time visualization of key information in the shop floors

By posting relevant information and indicators on isolated large screens for operators and line conductors, you are setting up a solution with a real-time synthetic and clear view for everyone .

A first step to initiate your company’s digital transformation

In Industry 4.0’s age, being able to rely on a shop floor IT basis, which allows for progressive integration of new digital technologies is essential.

By setting up a visual management solution, you’re taking an essential step to:

Develop digital use in your shop floors

Help your organization evolve towards a collaborative model

Prepare the full computerization of your production monitoring

Implement the IT Architecture needed to consolidate and exploit all your factory data

Rubrique « They say »

Guillaume Valette – Nexter Systems (sector: Defense/Weapon)

« M.E.S has to become the basis of Tomorrow’s Factory, in order to insure digital continuity between the information system’s various applications, and to easily and gradually integrate connected devices.
Even if this reality seems remote, digital transformation is happening, and not only for big companies.”

Web & Digital

Key information are automatically delivered at the right moment on pre-defined display points or on all your mobile devices without having to open or browse different softwares. Access to display is unlimited and available on digital media from a web browser.