Monitor Closely and in Real-Time Every Step of your Manufacturing Orders

Build the base of your industrial information system using Qubes’ production monitoring modules

Improve the monitoring of manufacturing orders in the shop floor. Qubes allows you to monitor the machines that were used, the time tat was spent and the quantity that was produced.


Interfaced with your E.R.P to retrieve technical data and manufacturing orders, connected to your production equipment for direct data collection, Qubes is a key asset to monitor shop floor operations in real time.

  • Technical data

  • Sequencing

  • Manufacturing order monitoring

  • Traceability

  • Online documentation

Information system’s digital continuity

exemple d’écran opérateur de suivi d’opération qubes creative-it

Qubes helps manage the manufacturing sequences and nomenclatures on which rest all industrial operations.


Numerous industrial enterprises consider that the M.E.S has to be the framework for all sequences because:

• it’s the tool managing the most information

• it’s the best suited system to dispatch the necessary information to the other industrial systems (supervision, sequencing)


How to decide whether sequences and nomenclatures should be handled by the ERP or the MES?


CASE n°1 : Your ERP is currently handling sequences and nomenclatures

The Qubes solution can be used as a slave for sequences/nomenclatures coming from the ERP: data is directly collected and completed in Qubes.


CASE n°2 : You’re aiming to increase data’s reliability for the method department

Qubes can be used as a master for sequences/nomenclatures and as a pivot for other systems. You’ll be able to fully appreciate all the potential Qubes has to offer for sequences/nomenclatures’ configuration and customization.

Closely monitor your shop floor’s performance

The Qubes software helps you monitor the state of manufacturing orders in shop floors.

Shop floor gains visibility: you know the state of each manufacturing order in real time

Input gains: you no longer have to re-enter paper forms, thus increasing your shop floor’s productivity.

Information’s reliability: whether entered or collected in real-time, data is much more reliable. This is essential for real time indicators, cost price assessments or stocks.

Reporting: you can dispose of indicators regarding your manufacturing orders’ monitoring (service rate per workshop, per workstation, per team) which you can then dispatch to your teams via visual management, facilitation meeting or the intranet.

Qubes Suivi OF - suivi de performance OF en temps réel

Have traceability become an argument for your clients and prospects

Traçabilité complète de l’ensemble des opérations de production

The Qubes software suite provides complete traceability of all production operations :

Material traceability : execution of production process linked with traceability, lots management, input of used lots, generation of produced lots, traceability tree

Process traceability: each operation in the sequence is traced (operator, machine, start time, end time, …)

Staff traceability (operators, maintenance technician, quality agent)

Traceability of production equipments and tooling

Automatic time-stamping at each step of your processes

Tracing operations compels operators to respect sequences and nomenclatures in order to guarantee product conformity; Qubes processes guide operators; deviation detection alert operators on potential risks; and poka-yokes improve products quality.

Qubes includes several industrial sectors’ standards

• Food industry requirements: ISO 22000, IFS, BRC

• Cosmetics Industry requirements: ISO 22716

• Pharmaceutical industry requirements: BPF et 21-CFR-11

The Qubes Traceability module coupled with Qubes Quality Controls reproduces all your traceability data as a digital batch record.

Online documentation for operators

Mode of operations, assembly tutorial, videos, instructions and warnings: the Qubes software suite includes online documentation regarding each manufacturing order and production stage.

Our experts explain how Qubes can help you find the solution suited to your needs for production monitoring.

Simple and intuitive for manufacturing orders’ sequencing

Qubes eXpert - Ordonnancement - Planning OF

Plan as tightly as possible your different production operations on expense items and equipments. Qubes Sequencing provides a planning updated in real time. Its user-friendly interface allows you to move operations on the planning via a simple drag & drop.

  • For agile shop floors – Smart Manufacturing: your teams enjoy an up-to-date planning
  • Time gain: no need to re-enter manufacturing orders, automatic pre-treatment

Secure the weighed

Qubes includes a tracking module for materials weighed to follow the material consumption as production carried out.

With extensive setting possibilities , Qubes’ weighing power unit module lets you validate your application according to Good Manufacturing Practices and 21 CFR 11 .

Many scales connectors are available for easy integration.

Qubes Work Order Tracking Module

Qubes Weighing Power Unit Module

Qubes Technical Data Module

Qubes Scheduling Module

Qubes Traceability Module