Track and Trace the Quality of Manufactured Products Every Step of the Process

An all-inclusive solution for quality control management and execution

With extensive experience to back us up on quality management, Creative IT has integrated quality control management tools in Qubes suited for any kind of industrial process. It enables you to manage production quality and to meet the regulatory requirements of the most demanding lines of business. You can define quality audits plan for workshops, laboratories, goods reception; and all quality records for the whole industrial flow are at your disposal.
The computerized entry of quality controls makes their realization more reliable (oversight and delays are signaled), secures the saving process (input error are automatically detected) and alerts operators in real-time (non-compliance, deviations).

  • In-Process Quality controls

  • SPC

  • Quality & Production documentation management

Guarantee the reliability of quality control to improve the quality of products delivered to your customers

Choosing to centralize the control plan’s management provides you with more reliable data. Real time controls increase workshops reactivity by detecting deviations from an MO, a product or a team early on.

You’re implementing a standard and efficient product for the quality monitoring of manufactured products. With this intuitive easy-to-handle tool, your operators can control quality as the production progresses. The system informs them of the controls’ compliance in real-time.

One of our experts of quality control management demonstrates how the Qubes software helps you improve your process’ quality control.

Improve the quality of your products

Thanks to Qubes’ statistical functionalities you will be able to:

Reduce non-quality costs by correcting instantly the process settings before it affects the product’s quality.

Manage and keep quality alive in your workshops by giving your operators the means to better visualize the expected level of quality for the product.

Detect deviations and assist operators in their immediate corrective actions. This serves to increase operators’ responsibility and autonomy while stabilizing product quality.

Implement quickly and cost-effectively a continuous improvement approach.

A software to support your company’s quality approach

The Qubes software package natively includes electronic document management, which provides every useful feature to monitor and manage the documents life cycle in real time and guarantee their diffusion in the workshops.

With an integrated graphical tool designed to dematerialize your process, we offer a simple, user-friendly, ergonomic and efficient quality workflow.

Qubes SPC Module

Qubes Quality Management Module

Qubes Quality Controls Module