A scoping study to assess how production monitoring software addresses your issues

Is an Industry 4.0 technology relevant for our factories? What functional scope should I consider or how many production sites should it cover? How do I manage remote sites? How does it integrate into the current information system? What return on investment can I expect and how do I manage change? Those are all valid questions you wonder about before choosing an orientation and a solution.

Customized scoping study


Every industry has its specific industrial processes and flows. M.E.S (Manufacturing Execution System) solutions cover a wide functional scope (production monitoring, quality control, traceability,…). Industry 4.0 digital technologies open new opportunities for your projects.

In order to address your specific industrial issues, we offer a customized scoping study.

Etude cadrage projet MES pour Qubes de Creative-IT

    All our consultants have reliable experience in the industrial field. They put their expertise at the service of your business requirements.


    This study aims to help you design your project and comes with additional assistance in drafting your bill of specifications.


    We endeavor to solve your problem with a comprehensive approach. It enables us to tackle aspects that were not mentioned in the initial request or to treat issues inherent to the problem at hand.


    Hierarchy of needs, answers regarding the connected factory, identification of required resources, budget approach, reverse schedule, support strategy.


    At the end of the study, we put together a documented analysis of your requirements as well as a simulation of your project’s ROI

By choosing our scoping study, you’ll be able to know how to tackle your workshops’ digital transformation and why you should go for it. You’re also armed to build a solid case for decision-makers to validate the project.

A real industrial project to make the difference on international markets!

Web Session sur Qubes de Creative-IT

Yesterday it was ERP, today it’s the Cloud, Business Intelligence, Big Data… Why and how must one handle this transformation? What is the level of priority compared to other investment projects?

How does one make the subject topical to convince decision-makers?

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