Spring – POCs or pilots projects season

Technical focus

Is it a coincidence or a trend in the industrial market? In any case, Creative IT has just signed a dozen contracts with well-known manufacturers for the creation of proof of concept, i.e. pilot applications designed to validate the interest and value of a production monitoring application before its large-scale deployment.

Proofs of concepts, or POCs, are all the rage. In the world of digital transformation, they refer to projects carried out quickly and with few resources in order to validate a strategic intuition.

Only one objective: the proof must be brought in less than 3 months!

The subjects of these pilot applications or proof of concept are diverse and varied: industrial performance measurement, energy performance measurement, visual management, dematerialization of documents in the workshop, reliability of machine settings, implementation of IoT (connected objects) in the workshop, etc.

But one constant, the proof must be brought quickly, in general in less than 3 months!

For this type of project and timeframe, the pre-configured functions of the Qubes production monitoring application are very useful because they allow you to build an initial application that is finally close to the user’s needs.

The possibility of having the Qubes offer in Cloud mode (Qubes 4Cloud) is also a factor of acceleration since it avoids the customer’s IT department to deploy an IT infrastructure in a hurry and limits to the maximum its involvement during the proof of concept.

An illustration from an industrial customer:

At the end of 2017, a proof-of-concept application to test the feasibility of computerizing workshops was carried out at one of our agri-food customers.
By opting for a Cloud offer, the customer has an infrastructure including the hosting of the application and the database in Cloud mode as well as the provision of a hardware device within the plant to ensure high availability of the industrial application, regardless of Internet response times (or even outages): Qubes i4 Cluster (on the diagram below).
The application allows performance and quality monitoring of the plant. The industrial tablets allow the operators to declare their activities, qualify the causes of stoppages and the “flying” quality controllers to record their controls. The production monitoring application is connected to the PLCs and energy meters to collect essential data.

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