MES, ERP, WMS: who should manage logistics on the shop floor?

Technical focus

On most of our projects, we notice that our customers are wondering about the software that should be used to monitor logistics flows within the workshops. By logistics flows we mean supplier receipts (in packages, pallets, bulk), to-be-served lists (supply of production lines for the realization of OF), Kanban (restocking of foot of line stocks), transfers between islands or workshops (movement of semi-finished products in their containers). We can also extend the subject to the inventories of the stocks of the factory. But we are talking about the logistic flows of the factory, those of the warehouse will of course be managed by the WMS!

Between MES, ERP and WMS software: which one should manage the logistics in the workshops?

Heterogeneity of information systems

The answer to the initial question MES, ERP or WMS cannot be universal because it will depend on the software in place (not all our customers have WMS in their factories), the possibilities of this software (some customers have chosen not to have inventory management by location in their ERP), the choices that have been made in the IT master plan and so many other subjects.
The right decision can only be made on a case-by-case basis.

All factory logistics functionalities exist in Qubes MES software

In any case, you should know that our Qubes solution has advanced functions to handle these logistic flows. We propose you to detail some functionalities in which you will certainly find existing flows in your company.

The reception of materials is often managed in Qubes :

  • Interface with the ERP to retrieve supplier orders to make them reception expectations
  • Screen of reception in package
  • Pallet or bulk (we even have a customer who receives wheat trains!)
  • Identification of goods received (allocation of a batch number, labelling)
  • Quality controls to be performed (and laboratory samples taken if necessary)
  • Storing in stock (help with storage locations, updating stock)
  • Interface with the ERP to report the quantities received

The same is true for the to-do list, which is also often managed in Qubes :

  • Interface with the ERP to retrieve the batches planned for the realization of the OF
  • Screen presenting the lists to be used for the OF of the period

This screen contains the necessary information for the logistics operator (batches to be prioritized according to FIFO, locations in which these stocks are stored, etc.), and allows him to scan the products actually picked in the warehouse. Once they have arrived on the production line or in the preparation room, the logistics operator can declare them ready for dispatch. Finally, the interface with the ERP system for reporting the quantities and batches picked in the warehouse.

And many other features to manage the logistics flows of factories

We could go on like this about the other logistic flows but we invite you instead to refer to the sheet presenting the Qubes Logistics module

Our experts are at your disposal to help manufacturers to carry out the mapping that remains necessary for manufacturers wishing to reconcile data between ERP, MES and WMS. This mapping of existing flows determines, for example, the nature and frequency of the interfaces that will have to be implemented.

MES software, ERP, WMS, each one can bring its stone to the building, the choice is up to each customer.

Do not hesitate to contact us on this subject in order to discuss with one of our expert consultants who will be able to identify with you the advantages and disadvantages of the different scenarios.

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