Deploying our Solution Internationally

Deploying our Solution Internationally

Qubes provides serious assets for an international applications deployment.

Qubes is the tailored solution intended for multi-sites companies that wish to quickly deploy an information system to all production sites. It enables the enterprise to secure data from all the various sites in real time and to compare industrial performances. Its international deployment is made easier by ergonomics tailored to local environments and its availability in 12 languages.

Smart Manufacturing


Easy Integration

Deploy your production monitoring application in your plants located abroad

An innovative software approach, which relies on:

  • Defining a Core Model to structure and strengthen the required corporate data;
  • Adding customized processes for functions or operations specific to only some industrial sites.

An innovative architecture: Qubes i4

Qubes i4 is an all-inclusive system designed to insure the application’s high availability within distant factories. As an industrial device, its role is to handle critical operations within the factory (production monitoring, machine automation…) whatever hazard the access to the distant network may encounter on the one hand. On the other hand, it manages data synchronization towards a remote data center, before their integration into the global information system.

A global model handling local specificities

Our solution enables an easy integration of operational and production processes specificities depending on the country or site.

The software adapts to your way of handling production processes, not the reverse. Thanks to the process graphic modeling tool, taking local specificities into account is easy.


Carry out


Discover the possibilities offered by Qubes on some international deployments.

Exchange words with clients of Qubes, who have already deployed the products over several countries or continents.

A multi-site and multi-language application at your disposal

Numerous clients with international presence are already using Qubes.

It is currently available in 12 languages, of which several are Asian (Chinese, Korean, Japanese…). It can also be quickly available in new languages useful to your project.

A network of international partners

Our international network of partners who can integrate Qubes guarantees a presence for your project’s local deployment. Availability, reactivity, proximity make the fieldwork with on-site teams easier.

Our integrating partner is your on-site interlocutor for the production monitoring application set-up project.

All our integrating partners undergo a training course. We then organize our partners’ assessment test and insure their skills’ improvement. We also provide support for the implementation of Qubes projects.