Managing a Multi-site Project

Managing a Multi-site Project

Having at one’s disposal an application suited to manage numerous sites, but also able to secure data from all sites in real-time, has become a major issue for the industrial world.

With Qubes, we provide a solution addressing those challenges. Starting from a core model featuring all functionalities, we have the skills to quickly deploy a homogeneous, centralized and easy to maintain application for multi-site companies.

How can you handle this project and what should be your starting point? Discover smart solutions for industrial enterprises with multiple activities and/or production sites.

Core Model Approach

A corporate configuration, which integrates all sites specificities

Test Project

Starting a project with a significant first experience

Quick Deployment

Implementation on all factories of the Core Model after validation

Qubes i4 Architecture

Maintenance of all critical functions in the shop floor

The Core model approach

A corporate configuration, which integrates all sites specificities: rather than letting each site or plant build its own information system, go for a global design!

  • Corporate logic integrating each factory’s distinctive features
  • Process harmonization between the various production sites based on the corporate industrial organization.
  • Simplification of the information system with a single software package for all factory requirements
  • Consistent global structure providing data consolidation and recording for each site and all sites.

The test project : 1st step towards a quick multi-site deployment

Enrichissez et validez votre Core model

Enrich and validate your Core model

Start with a test project on one production site to get feedback, verify your Core model and assess your return on investment.

Quickly deploy on all sites

Thanks to the modeling possibilities featured in Qubes, deploy quickly in your various factories a harmonized solution, suited to your different functions and technologies.

Discover all the possibilities featured in the Qubes solution.

Take part in the next Web Session with a Creative IT expert, who will answer all your questions: which operational scope to deploy, number of sites to cover, deployment methodology, support…

A technical architecture designed for multi-site deployment

  • Aiming to quickly deploy a global multi-site solution?
  • Looking for a platform providing high availability of the most critical applications to your production sites?
  • Your enterprise is getting ready to approach Industry 4.0 and you are searching for a connected solution?

Discover our Qubes i4 offer, which provides you with a 100% available – a 100% efficient solution!

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